Xinyung Smart Watch Review

October 2, 2019 0 Comments

Let us take a look at the various functions that the Xinyung Smart Watch has. The first screen that comes up is the watch, which I have set to show the time, the date and how many steps I have taken that day.Next is the screen showing how many steps you have taken, how far that has been and how many calories you have burned doing it. Up next is the sleep tracker, followed by the heart beats per minute tracker and then the training screen.

After that is the weather, then messages followed by the blood pressure tracker.After that you have the blood oxygen level tracker, then the camera controls, media player controls and finally the settings screen.To use each of the screens, you just touch and hold the circle at the bottom of the screen when you are on the tool that you want to use.The first one you can do is the heart rate monitor, which takes a couple of seconds to complete.

The blood pressure monitor also takes a couple of seconds, and seems to read fairly accurately,but just a bit higher than what I usually am at.Finally there is the blood oxygen level test, which should show somewhere from 95% to 98%.To use this Fitness tracker, you need to download and install the Da Fit app for your phone or tablet. Once you have it installed, you can pull up this screen to show how you slept the night before, in this case it shows that I got just over 6 hours of sleep, with an hour of it being restful.

The app will keep track of several days worth of data, so you can go back to compare the results day to day, and see what your results have been.Now, I know that it is not going to be the most accurate thing in the universe as this is a super affordable fitness tracker, but it should be good enough to compare the results to itself, day after day.So far, it has been spectacular.The battery life is great, it is very comfortable and it is completely waterproof, which is a bonus as I wore it into the shower without thinking and it made it out alive. If you are looking for an affordable fitness tracker that looks good and works great, I completely recommend trying out the Xinyung Fitness Tracker Smart Watch.

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