The Tesla Autopilot System: The Future of the Cruise Mode?

December 25, 2019 0 Comments

Many of my friends consider that I spend too much on taxis, and with what it costs me it would be much more profitable to buy a decent car.  What my friends do not consider is the fact that although I “like” to drive, I am not a patient person so as to blow traffic and be asleep behind.

 That’s why I’m passionate about news like this, every time I see more and better developed advances with everything that has to do with the automotive industry with driving autonomy, I feel closer to the dream of being able to simply sit in the back seat of  my own car and wait for the autopilot to take me to my destination.

 The Tesla model S is what seems to be approaching my dream, and although it is still far from being what I crave, I think it could be close to being able to see it – and have (if it is not very expensive) – before dying.  And at the moment I was satisfied with what I could see in the tests done by ourfriends, when they tested a Testla S unit.

 Tesla model S has an automatic pilot system that allows it to have some independence.  Equipped with a frontal radar, a camera of proximity, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a GPS system, they look for to offer to the “passenger” a trip experience that rose the hallucinatory, but also the ghostly thing.

 The car has a driver panel where it shows a series of lights and map whose only function seems to be to show that everything is running smoothly, and that beyond the “magic” there is a complex system of radars that claim to tell us ”  I’m calm, I have everything under control. “

 The car is able to put directional lights for lane changes, accelerate and decelerate in an untimely manner (up to the maximum limit set), turn in wide and short curves and dodge cars smoothly, thus avoiding possible collisions of another driver colleague  .  The error – if there is one – is ours.

 Would they buy such a model?  How much would they be willing to pay?  Just imagine lying back reading something or resting while being comfortably transported to your destination.  It will only be my turn to continue with this dream and, in passing, give me time to save.  Who knows, maybe my first “real” car is a TESLA.

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