Sony SRS (XB30) Speaker Review

October 9, 2019 0 Comments

The SRS-XB30 speaker pairs easily with smartphones like most other Bluetooth speakers, with additional support for NFC pairing.It also sports a somewhat rugged and splash-resistant exterior. But there are a couple of things that sets this speaker apart. First, right away you’ll probably notice the built-in multi color lights.These lights give the speaker a little bit of a “party” feel as it dances along with whatever music you are playing. You can customize the lights by downloading Sony’s Song Pal app.

This allows you to set a more calming effect, or turn off the lights altogether.The second notable feature of this speaker is the optional “Enhance Bass” setting.This really boosts the lows and provides a noticeable “kick” to the bass. So whether you like a lot of bass or just a little, you can set the speaker as you prefer. There are also additional settings available in the Song Pal app.The sound quality is great on this speaker. Aside from the customizable bass, the mids and highs come through clear though some songs might sound a little when you have the bass enhancement function on. So whether you’re streaming Pandora or listening to Podcasts, this speaker is great for a wide variety of audio playback sources. With the lights off and the speaker set at medium, you may be able to get up to 24 hours of battery life out of this speaker.

However, having the lights on and the speaker volume loud can decrease the run time to just about 4 to 5 hours. Unfortunately, the speaker does not use a standard Micro USB connection to recharge,so make sure you don’t lose the proprietary charger that’s included with the speaker.There is also a USB port on the back of the speaker that can be used to charge your phone in a pinch.The speaker can also work as a speaker phone.You can answer incoming calls by tapping the phone button.You can also tap this button to call up Siri or Google Assistant.Holding down the “phone” button will announce the current battery status. Overall, the Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth speaker is great way to get the party started, with superb sound quality and a built-in light show.

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