Original or Generic Chargers for Your Cell Phone? Is There a Difference?

December 23, 2019 0 Comments

The truth is that if Unlike what happens with medicines, in this case we are not talking about generic formulations that have lost a patent, but complementary devices that take shortcuts.  From my experience I say that in case of my Android and Apple devices, I prefer the original charger.

 Why the original over the generic?  They say that Chinese is bad, and there they are wrong, it really does not go on the side of whether the product is Chinese or not, in fact it is completely independent of its geographical origin if we want to be colder, although a sign that can give us lights  that something is not right is the price of the shippers.

 I myself have been tempted to buy generic chargers and you know what?  I have succumbed to that temptation and bought them, only to later have to buy (earlier than later, in fact) an original charger.  The $ 3 that costs a generic against the more than $ 30 that usually cost us an original, it makes you think.

 Disadvantages of a generic charger

 With Apple devices, the same image that has formed the company of overcosting their devices well above the actual manufacturing price makes us realize that maybe we are wanting to see the face also in the charging devices.

 Original or generic chargers for your cell phone?  Is there a difference?

Does the difference in the superior image come to light?  If we are observers, we will notice those small plastics distributed over the electronic plate.  They are the protectors.  Short circuit?  It is probable.  Yes it is.  Maybe much more likely than you imagine, but refer to the news of what happened with Ma Ailun, who died when answering a phone call with one of these connected chargers.

 Another problem that I have personally presented (already in the most likely plane) is that the device’s load is lowered much faster.  I had to directly experience that using the same applications in very similar time spaces (if not equal), with generic chargers the battery had up to 65% less half-life, having to be charging more frequently.

 Is it really too expensive to pay $ 30?  Maybe the answer is yes for the majority, but for all those who have had to pay 600 to 1,000 dollars just for the team, it is much less and even incongruous.  For those who have the equipment with a contract, the issue is even more crazy, because it is not the computer or 10% of the real value, and because the charger is an investment … while remembering that the mobile already comes with one.

 From there and the only drawback is that Apple in every 2 by 3 is given to change the type of connect and that stock of cables that we have from previous equipment turns out to be obsolete … bad Apple, very bad  … for the case of Android not  apply so you do not have much forgiveness if you do not pay the blessed cable or small charger.

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