OmSignal, the Fitness and Health Smartwear

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Smartwear is the term coined for those accessories that we can literally wear.  An example of this is the new Apple Watch, or the pulse control bands that we find in any online store.  OMSignal goes a step further with a concept that is a reality.

 WHOignal overview

Having achieved a higher than expected funding after its launch for funding (US $ 1 million is not a small thing), OMSignal integrates a product and an application, which allow you to monitor your physical activity, and also your health.  It’s a smartwear but it will not make you look like a misfit geek (Google Glass in sight), but even a fitness geek fashion, I just coined the term


 But to all this, what is OMSignal?  It consists of two accessories: a smartwear shirt and a black-box.

 T shirt

The smartwear shirt has support functions, but interesting.  I quote some indicated on your page:

 Support to the posture.  Compress the support areas for a better posture, such as the back.

 Circulatory compression.  Improving blood circulation and muscle recovery.

 Intelligent temperature control  It keeps you cool and without humidity inside.

 Odor control of sweating.  Antibacterial system for odor control after training.

 As the name implies, it is a black box.  All the operation of this device is transparent to the user, but it works as a very powerful sensor capable of receiving the following data and signals from our body:

 Heart beats


 Stress level

 Level of effort


 An interesting etcetera …

 This black box sends all the signals it receives to our mobile (read “bad news” at the end), showing them in an interface that is integrated into our daily life or our training routine, which even includes social tools.  For example, for the fitness panel, it has a leader board to make it interesting by adding your friends.

 Price and sale

 Here comes the good … that’s the way it is.  Unfortunately they are not giving it away, but for now it is still in presale.  The price of black-box and smartwear shirt is $ 199 per presale, and $ 240 with normal price.

 The sale is being made worldwide, but if they are outside the United States they will charge you a fee for international shipping costs, the cost is 20 additional dollars.  They are still receiving the latest pre-sales orders before starting distribution.

 What is coming

 Perhaps, the most direct competition of OMSignal is Hexoskin, launched last year (where OMSignal soo had a demo of 100 units), but at the discretion of the presale users of OMSignal it is somewhat intrusive because of the size of the lateral device that needs to be located  alongside, in addition to having a higher price, than those indicated above for OMSignal.

 Another interesting fact is the media exposure that OMSignal has had after having licensed its technology by Ralph Lauren to be used in the US Open.  This has led to the creation of a special version of the mobile monitor for this brand, and has meant an indirect increase in their pre-sales orders for their smart-shirt and sensor packs.

 Bad news

 The bad news is that it is only available for iOS at the moment, so if you only have an Android device, it is in development, as indicated in your Twitter account and on your Facebook fanpage.

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